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Shipping Methods

First Class

Ships ToUnited States
NoteSlowest but cheapest
Weight FromWeight ToPrice
0oz5ozUS $3.86
5oz9ozUS $4.50
9oz15ozUS $5.75

Small Flat Rate Box

Ships ToUnited States
NoteGood for small orders if you need them quickly
Price FromPrice ToPrice
US $0.00US $50.00US $8.00

Medium-Large Flat Rate Box

Ships ToUnited States
NoteGreat For large orders
Price FromPrice ToPrice
US $0.00US $95.00US $14.00
US $95.01US $200.00US $20.50

Shipping to Canada

Ships ToCanada
Weight FromWeight ToPrice
0oz8ozUS $9.09
8oz1lbs 0ozUS $14.73

Request a Quote

Ships ToWorldwide

If you would like your order to ship your order by Priority mail (NOT FLAT RATE PRIORITY) please tell me. I say this because with Priority mail the price is determoned by size and weight of the package, and sometimes it can be cheeper then flat rate. 

Last Updated: 5 Jan 2019